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Natural Interiors uses only American Clay Natural Earth Plasters; this plaster is eco-friendly, non-toxic, infinitely customizable, and easily color-matched. It's free of volatile organic compounds ('VOCs'), and it's naturally dust and mold-resistant. And as if being eco-friendly and looking great weren't enough, it will also help quiet the room as it absorbs sound.




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American Clay is.....

  • Natural and Healthy
  • Made up of a high consistency rate of color, form and function
  • Enriched by 42 magnificent hues, with unlimited color possibilities
  • An all natural earth plaster that brings an ancient wall surface to the foreground of contemporary finishes
  • A great way to provide visual depth and character through numerous beautiful textures
  • Long lasting, mold resistant (without toxic fungicides), dirt resistant, flexible and repairable

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